Dirección de Relaciones Internacionales

Before applying to an internship or to a research stay you must contact a potential adviser at your academic unit/administrative unit/research group in Univalle.

To learn more about the process of application, please browse the Universidad del Valle’s website.

Internships and research stays can be short, medium or long-term:


  1. Periods lasting minimum 15 days and maximum 89 days.
  2. It can be at undergraduate or at graduated level.
  3. This kind of modality will not be registered at the University’s Academic Registration Office.
  4. International students will not benefit from student welfare services including the university dining room.


Application to the international mobility platform on this link attaching the following documents:

  • Acceptance Letter including the dates of the internship/research stay.
  • 3 x 4 cm photo, white background, JPG format.
  • Passport copy.

International students will be granted a temporary identification card issued by the Direction of International Relations. 

International students will be accepted at any time during the yearly academic calendar period set forth by Universidad del Valle.

The supervising professor at Universidad del Valle must request on a mandatory basis:

  • Proof of International Medical Assistance for foreign students or Health Care Provider -EPS- Card for colombian students. For further information please see the International Medical Assistance section.
  • Copy of passport or citizen card for colombian students.
  • Copy of colombian entrance permit PID or PT (UE students only) or visa type V for citizens coming from countries subject to visa requirements to enter Colombia.

IMPORTANT: Once the student starts the activities, the supervisor professor must inform to the administrative coordinator of the faculty or institute in order to be registered in Migración Colombia at the Foreign Registration System SIRE https://apps.migracioncolombia.gov.co/sire/public/login.jsf 


1. For periods lasting minimum 90 days and maximum 1 year. Any international visiting student admitted at Universidad del Valle under a mid or long-term internship/research stay modality (Academic Board Resolution 111 of November 19/2009) will be received for stages of at least three months and only at the beginning of corresponding periods set forth upon resolution of the Academic Vice Presidency:

  • January - March*
  • February - June
  • April - June *
  • July - September *
  • August - December
  • October - December *

*A three-month stay does not allow course registration; in this case the Registration Office will only register the International Internship. At the end of the stay the student will receive a transcript of records for the internship issued by the Registration Office.

2. The stay can be at undergraduate or graduate levels.

3. International students must include proof of enrolment and a letter of authorization from home university.

4. This modality will be registered by the Academic Registration Office, therefore students must enroll and pay tuition fees.

5. International visiting students will benefit from student welfare services including the university dining room only if they were officially registered at the Academic Registration Office.

6. International visiting students will receive a temporary official identification card issued by the Direction of International Relations and an official card of Universidad del Valle issued by the Academic Registration Office.

7. International visiting students will ONLY be accepted during the academic calendar dates mentioned in item 1.


  • Letter of introduction from the tutor at home university.
  • Letter of invitation from an appointed professor of Universidad del Valle, supported by a work schedule.
  • Brief description of the project to be developed (in English or Spanish).
  • Copy of passport or citizen card for Colombian students.
  • 3 x 4 cm photo, white background, JPG format.
  • Copy of visa or entry permit stamp (for foreign students). See Visas/Migration Permit section.
  • Copy of International Medical Assistance Card or Health Care Provider -EPS- Card for Colombian students.
  • See International Medical Assistance section.
  • Application Form completed: Aplica para una movilidad entrante / apply for an exchange at Univalle

Further requirements for applicants to Health Faculty:

  • International visiting students must include Europass CV.
  • Fellows must submit undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

International Medical Assistance

International Medical Insurance is required with the following coverage for the entire length of the student stay abroad:

  • Assistance in case of accident or illness including medical, surgical, pharmaceutical costs and hospital fees for a minimum amount of USD 100,000 (one hundred thousand US dollars) or equivalent currency.
  • Transfers broken down as follows: a. Transport or medical repatriation. b. Transport or repatriation of the deceased insured party. c. Travel of a family companion in case of illness or death of ensured student. d. Stay of a family companion.
  • Additional coverage: a. Death insurance. b. Permanent and total disability insurance. c. Civil liability and damages to third parties. d. Loss of luggage. e. Return of a deceased insured party and one family companion up to first degree of consanguinity.
  • Legal assistance in case of responsibility in an accident.

Visas/Immigration Permits:

  • Type-V Visa, to be requested at the Colombian consulate in the country of origin or in Colombia,
    for more information please visit the web site: http://www.cancilleria.gov.co/tramites_servicios/visa/requisitos 
  • Citizens from countries not subject to visa requirements to enter Colombia, who will carry out unpaid activities (studies):
    - PID permit valid for 90 day stays*
    - PT permit valid for 90 day stays (for European Union Citizens only)*

*Renewable for up to 90 days with PTP at the office of Migración Colombia. Go to Migración Colombia

For further information please visit the following links:

- Resolution 0275/2016 See resolution
- Resolution 572/2015 See resolution
Aplica para una movilidad entrante / apply for an exchange at Univalle