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Student Exchange - Université de Montréal

1. Nomination

Please submit this nomination form before March 10 for fall entry and September 1 for winter entry. If you are nominating more than 6 students, simply submit the form one more time. 

Before nominating your students, please make sure to pay attention to the following :

- Students must consult this page and the programs with particular requirements when deciding on the courses they wish to take at UdeM.

- HEC and Polytechnique are UdeM’s affiliated schools and manage their own partnerships, please contact them directly for students applying to these schools.

2. Online Application Form

The link toward the online application form will be provided to partners upon receiving the nomination form.

The submission of the application form will create the Student Centre (UdeM student portal); important information and documents will be posted on this platform (e.g. official letter of acceptance).

3. Uploading the Application Documents

A few days after the submission of the application form, students will receive their logins to access their Student Centre.

Students will have to upload their application documents directly on their Student Centre.

Application deadlines:

- April 1 for fall entry (fall or fall + winter)

- September 15 for winter entry


Proof of B2 French proficiency required for most study programs, some programs require official tests and higher scores (please see our website for more information).

The following programs offer courses in English:

English Studies (B2 English, all language certificates accepted)

Master in Business Law (IELTS 6.5 or TEOFL 90). This program accepts final year undergrads.

Master in Comparative Common Law (IELTS 6.5 or TEOFL 90). This program accepts final year undergrads.

· French language courses : 3-credit courses are free. Students who take 6-credit intensive courses will be billed 530$ CAN/course. Students can take a full term of French language courses or 1-2 French language courses along with regular courses. Students who wish to take French language courses will be asked to take an online placement test. Course registration will depend on course availability and placement test results.


An application to the exchange program at UdeM does not guarantee acceptance. Applications are evaluated by the academic department.

Complete applications are finalized within one month. The evaluation of full-year and fall term applications are prioritized.

More information regarding the UdeM exchange program as well as our latest factsheet can be found on our website.