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Celebración 25 años de AVISPA

Dear students and colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to a virtual seminar to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our research group, AVISPA. The event will take place from Monday Nov 30 to December 2, 2020. We will seize this unique opportunity to offer students and the academic community a brief overview of our history, research and the possibility to join our team and pursue their graduate/undergraduate work under our supervision.

The event, “AVISPA: 25 años tejiendo una red de oportunidades académicas en informática para sus jóvenes’’, includes presentations on topics that some of our senior members from different countries around the world are actively working on. Among others, the topics include: Concurrency Theory, Constraint Satisfaction and Optimization, Interactive Multimedia Systems, Business Process Management, Machine Learning, Multi-Agent Systems, Polarization in Social Networks, Proof Theory, Rewriting Systems, Session Types, Software Development, and Formal Verification. It also includes a special session dedicated to discussing our history, current projects, potential collaborations, and future research directions.

The following website contains information about the program, speakers, and Zoom links to attend this online event. Please make sure you include your real name and institution in your Zoom profile when joining the seminar (e.g., don’t use realtrump as an identifier).

Program & Zoom links: http://cic.javerianacali.edu.co/wiki/doku.php?id=grupos:avispa:25-years 

AVISPA Research Group.